Stay toasty warm this winter with Elodie’s baby hats

Whether you have a newborn, a 6 month old baby or a 1 year old, a warm hat is an essential accessory. After all, your baby ends up losing a lot of heat through their head. This is why Elodie hats are lovely and warm as well as looking great!

baby bonnet and beanie by Elodie

Baby bonnet 

This type of hat is perfect for children up to the age of 12 months. Because you can fasten it on, it stays nicely in place, even when your baby is rolling or moving around in the buggy!

Elodie make two types of hats with ties: a knitted bonnet made from wool and cashmere and a winter baby hat. The winter version has cuddly teddy lining inside to make it super warm.

All year round

Young children will sometimes wear a hat all year round. The beanies from Elodie are ideal for the mid-season and milder winters. The hats are made from soft, breathable materials and they fit snugly around the head.

Elodie beanies come in soft, plain colours as well as fun, trendy prints. These hats are actually available for both children and adults, so mum and dad can now match their child! Twinning = winning, don’t you know?! 😉 Elodie has two types of beanies: a light logo beanie and a winter beanie.


Elodie wool beanie and beret

Wool beanie

Wool is totally fashionable again. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s not only warm, but also breathable. The perfect combination for a hat! The wide brim of the hat can be folded or pulled over your child's forehead, ears or neck. An absolute must-have accessory for a cold day!

A beret, s'il vous plait!

This baggy beret has a romantic look to die for! The beret comes in warm pink and soft turquoise, meaning you can find the perfect look for any outfit. The pompom looks super cute and finishes off the whole ensemble. And yes, super cool mums and dads can also have a beautiful beret too! 😉

Elodie's hats are everything you need to keep both you and your child lovely and warm this winter. Are you looking for some matching mittens or gloves? Discover all of Elodie's adorable mittens for kids up to 3 years old now!

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