Team BABYmatters shares

3 tips for family cocooning

Sometimes, it’s nice to draw in your horns and to have a couple of days of quality family time. Draw the curtains, close the front door and enjoy each other. The BABYmatters Team has three cocooning tips for you!

1. Connect with the Yumi Yay books

Connect with your child with the Yumi Yay books

Nothing beats cuddling up close together, your children around you and diving into fantasy worlds …. with the Yumi Yay books for instance! Darken the room, allow your child to put his favourite animal on top of his night light, and choose one of the four Yumi Yay books. Which one to read? Want to go racing with Finn? Or do you want to tell your child, together with Otti, that being frightened isn’t really that bad? Perhaps you want to laugh about Tika’s jokes together. Or, if your child doesn’t like having a bath, Billy’s story may be a good idea! Regardless, you will always find a Yumi Yay book you’ll enjoy so we hope you will like these books and enjoy your moment together.

2. Snug security in a Voksi baby nest

Newborns sometimes feel a bit lost in a big park or a large cot. They miss the womb experience, they want physical limits and a Voksi baby nest is the perfect solution.

Babies feel calm in a nest that makes them feel safe and you as the parent don’t have to worry about anything either, because the Voksi baby nests are the safest on the market. The short-stitched fabric guarantees airflow and there are no loose chords that could harm your child. The fabric of the Voksi baby nests is approved under Oeko-Tex 100, class 1. So your baby couldn’t feel safer, softer, more comfortable or more secure than in a Voksi baby nest.

3. The comfortable besafe haven

Do you prefer to keep your newborn child close to you? Wonderful, because it keeps your baby calm. They can hear your heartbeat, they recognise your smell and hear your voice. The best way to carry your newborn child? The ergonomic baby carrier by BeSafe is by far the best choice! The fabric is super-soft and creates an instant hugging moment, the Flex Shape Buckles are unique and easy to use: click-click-go! Carrying your child like this isn’t something you have to save for the outdoors because the BeSafe Haven is also ideal to connect with your child and to cocoon with your family indoors. After all, you have your hands free to help big brother with his puzzle or big sister with her LEGO castle, keeping your newborn close to you all the time. Isn’t that snug!

The Elodie blankets are super-soft and perfect to make those cuddly moments extra cosy! In short, we have all the products you need to snuggle up with your family.


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