The four best toy tips for Sinterklaas

Do you find it tricky to look through giant toy brochures and find the best toys for Sinterklaas? Where exactly can you find a hard-wearing, good quality toy? Which brands will your child end up playing with for years? We always happy to lend a hand to Sinterklaas!

In fact, we’ve made a mini toy brochure, just for those moments when doubt strikes! Print out this sheet, put it through your letterbox and then ask your child to help you collect the post. Your son or daughter will discover our new mini toy brochure and can happily start to cut and stick various items from our beautiful selection of sustainable toys!

What can you find IN this BABYmatters brochure?


First of all, TIMIO! You child can use this educational audio player to play, sing songs, or learn words. And they can do that in as many as 8 different languages!

Why are parents happy if Sinterklaas brings a TIMIO?

Your child can enjoy some interactive entertainment without you having to worry too much about their screen time!


MODU is the perfect example of open-ended play! Your child can use these soft blocks to build and create for hours on end! One time they might design a swing bridge, the next time a car, and then who knows, perhaps they’ll even create a rocket? There is no end to how both their creative and their motor skills will be stimulated.

Why does Sinterklaas also think that parents will approve of MODU?

MODU is a great toy for little ones from the age of 6 months right up to 6 years! The modular blocks are therefore durable and will last for years, providing you with a truly sustainable toy for your home.

Yumi Yay

With these colourful Yumi Yay night lights, you’re not only creating a cosy warm feeling in your home, but you’re also introducing your child to four new friends. Finn, Otti, Billy and Tika will take your son or daughter on an adventure to the Yumi Yay universe! Discover all the adorable adventures together with your little one as you enjoy the rhymes in the four read-aloud books.

So when Sinterklaas gives Yumi Yay as a present, why are parents, as well as children, super happy about it?

Because Yumi Yay helps to create cosy moments between parents and children. After a super busy day, there’s nothing better than getting into bed together and unwinding with a great read-aloud book and enjoying the atmospheric light from the nightlight. Admit it, that really does sound magical, doesn't it?

Bubble Buddy

Our new brand, Baby Patent, includes a super fun bath toy called Bubble Buddy. Let the blue shark swim around in the bath and fill the green fish with soap. Then take aim and spray! This way, your bath will be filled with mountains of foam in no time at all.

Why does Sinterklaas like the Bubble Buddy?

Your child is sure to enjoy taking a bath with the Bubble Buddy by their side! Fun bath toys are the perfect way to ensure your child wants to take a bath, putting an end to any more tantrums!

Download and print our mini toy brochure below!

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