NEW: Blast UV™ Disinfector

Did your child drop his pacifier on the floor? With the Blast UV™ Disinfector, you can easily sterilise various items on the go in just 5 minutes! With its UV-C rays, the Blast UV™kills 99.99% of viruses (such as Covid-19 and equivalents) and 99.9998% of bacteria. This safe, compact and handy steriliser is perfect for quickly making items, up to the size of a baby bottle, bacteria-free.

Bombol steriliser blast uv disinfector

Powerful UV-C radiation

The sun's UV-A and UV-B rays can burn our skin. UV-C rays go even further and can kill every living organism by destroying their DNA. In the medical world it is a quick and effective way to clean instruments and remove bacteria.

Despite the power of this radiation, it is not harmful to the environment (no harmful chemical residues, no ozone smells) and due to the Blast UV™ design it is completely safe to use.

UV-C radiation is invisible, but the Blast UV™ Disinfector allows you to visibly follow its action through the thermochromic dots on the outside of the box. The LED lights Bombol uses for the box are 5 to 10 times stronger than those in most sterilisers. To make sure every object is fully disinfected the Blast UV™ has a suspended surface inside.

Safe to use

The Blast UV™ Disinfector has three safety mechanisms to ensure that the radiation stays inside of the box.

  • The strong magnets make sure the box closes tightly.
  • The sensors turn off the steriliser as soon as they detect an opening.
  • The Porex Virtek® inner lining makes sure that the UV-C light is scattered inside the box, but cannot get outside.

Compact design

For the folding structure of their Blast UV™ Disinfector, Bombol was inspired by their Pop-Up™ Booster. The origami structure of this booster seat produced a steriliser that can be folded to the size of a wallet. Plug in the Blast UV™ Disinfector into a socket or external battery (power bank) and your object will be disinfected within 5 minutes.

The Blast UV™ Disinfector is not just for you as a mom or dad, but also useful as a traveller, artist, entrepreneur or athlete! Any object that fits in the Blast UV™ Disinfector can be sterilised in 5 minutes! Discover this unique steriliser by Bombol now!

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