Sleeping outdoors: benefits and must-haves for your baby

Letting babies sleep outside is a trend that came across from Scandinavia a few years ago. It actually appears to be very good for your health. Do you want to let your little one take a nap outside too? We collected all the benefits, tips and must-haves for a blissful outdoor nap.

The benefits of sleeping outdoors

  • Children sleep longer and better outside. There are many soothing sounds outdoors, such as the whistling of birds, the wind, the rain...

Tip: Do you have older children who are poor sleepers? Have them play outside for a few hours every day and you will see that they too will sleep better!

  • If your children play and sleep outside, this stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is good for their development. Many people, especially in winter, suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to limited exposure to sunlight. However, this vitamin is essential for the development and growth of bones and teeth. So, a nice nap outside can help!
  • The outdoor air is generally healthier than indoor air. Because of improved air circulation, people who are allergic to dust mites or who are prone to respiratory infections definitely benefit from a nap outside!

Tip: Use common sense: the air in the city centre is not as good as in the countryside. If you live in a busy city with a lot of traffic, it is better to let your child sleep inside. Also, if your child is sick, it’s best to keep him inside so you can keep an extra close eye on him.

Elodie Mondo Voksi explorer voetenzak buiten slapen

What should you watch out for when your child sleeps outside?

  • Sleeping outside is possible as long as your child is not lying in the sun and the temperature does not drop below -5°C. Stay close-by and check on your child regularly, as you would inside. A baby monitor is a handy tool when you need to go to the bathroom.
  • Dress your baby warmly enough. Mittens and a hat are definitely not a luxury in winter. The Voksi Explorer footmuff is also ideal for naps in low temperatures. This Scandinavian brand specialises in creating quality products made of natural materials. For example, the filling of the Explorer footmuff is made of down and wool. These materials not only keep your child warm, but also transport moisture away from the body.

Tip: Young children are not very good at regulating their own body temperature yet, so keep a close eye on your baby. Does his neck feel warm or is he sweating? Make sure you use a blanket made of natural materials or take off a layer of clothing.

Tip: Would you rather have a permanent place for your child to sleep outside? Then a ‘sleep house’ might be just the thing for you. These wooden houses are suitable for infants from 2 weeks to 2 years old and are currently primarily used in Scandinavia. The sleep houses look like a rabbit hutch with a mesh door. When it is cold outside, the bed inside is warmed up with a hot water bottle or cherry stone pillow before nap time.

Cold weather ≠ getting sick

Infections are caused by bacteria and viruses, not by cold air. When it’s cold outside, people tend to stay indoors more often, which increases the chances of spreading those bacteria and viruses. In winter, it is also generally less sunny. As a result, our bodies produce less vitamin D, resulting in a weakened immune system. So it’s not the fresh air outside that makes you sick!

What is most important, is that you do what feels good. Do you prefer to keep your baby close to you? Or does your little one need more physical contact? Again, you can always take a wintry walk with an ergonomic baby carrier. The most important thing is that your child feels safe and secure.

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