Tested by ada: the OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup!

When your baby starts to drink independently, a non-leak and solid cup will be useful. Our OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup is really handy then! No more spilling! Our test panel has tested the straw cup and has written a review about it!

Femke, Ada’s mom shares her experience:

“Having a baby of 8 months old, who wants to do everything herself, we were looking for the ideal transition cup. She can drink from an open cup, when we hold it nicely in front of her. But now we’re at that point where she enthusiastically grabs the cup, which results in soaked clothes.

We tried sippy cups, cups you have to suck on before something comes out of the edge- all to the absolute frustration of my daughter. It went or too quick, or too slow. Until we received the OXO Tot Straw cup. I have to admit that I had my doubts, but I said to myself that I would let her play with the cup several times a day until she would get the system. At the beginning she chewed and nibbled on it, .. she did everything except drinking.

To my astonishment however, she suddenly started taking big sips the day after. Wow! After only a few moments of ‘getting used to it’, she completely understood the system. Kids learn so fast! She uses the Straw Cup when she plays (I don’t have to look after the cup, because I can let it roll over), during mealtime and even when she goes to day care (they secretly adore the cup and want to buy one cup themselves for each kid).

Especially in the car/during walks, this cup is a standard item in the bag and even completely filled it doesn’t leak a drop. Happy mom, happy daughter!

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