Mealtime must-haves!

When you compile your birth list or you make a wishlist for your baby shower, then you might not immediately think about cutlery for you child. Still, you will need those specific products sooner than you think for the first bites and gruels. Are you ready to hear the 5 indispensable items for smooth mealtimes with your baby?

1. feeding spoon


OXO tot feeding spoon

Are you about to give the first purees with vegetables or fruit to your child? Then this feeding spoon is your ideal companion!

With the soft edge of this spoon in silicone, you can scrape all the puree from the bowl or wipe the apple puree of your baby’s little mouth. The feeding spoon is narrow and shallow, so your baby won’t take too big bites. The handle lies comfortable in daddy’s or mommy’s hand and is especially shaped to be able to easily feed your baby.


2. stick and stay plate


OXO tot stick and stay

Does your baby want to eat independently? Then you will be glad to get some help, in order for everything to run as smoothly as possible. (You can only try, right?)

This genius plate of Oxo Tot is a great start, because thanks to the suction cup in silicone on the bottom of the plate, you can stick the plate to the table. The suction cup will prevent that the plates slips, tips or tosses. The plate can easily be lifted by adults, but not by little hands. The higher side walls help children to easily learn to eat independently, and you can put everything in the microwave or dishwasher afterwards! Win-win!

3. Transitions cups

OXO tot transitions cup

Do you want your baby to easily make the change from the bottle or breast to a cup?

Then you should certainly try the Transitions Cups with soft spout! This cup has a unique design: the soft spout is almond-shaped, which means that the spout opens easily from the touch of your baby’s lips.

Additionally, the top of the cup has a cavity, so the little nose of your baby won’t be squeezed when the cup tilts. Thanks to the lid, you can take the non-leak cup with you in your diaper bag and thanks to the removable grip, your baby can easily hold the cup himself! Which is also ideal: everything is demountable so it can be placed in the dishwasher! Hurray!

4. long sleeve bib


Elodie Details bib

A brand new bib in the collection of Elodie Details, because for the very first time you can place your baby at the dining table wearing a long sleeve bib!

As fast-drying and easily washable as the other bibs of Elodie Details, but even a bit larger. And some free advice from team BABYmatters: this long sleeve bib can be used at the crafts table as well as the dining table.

5. Teething feeder

OXO tot teething feeder

Thanks to this handy self-feeder of Oxo Tot your baby can get used to new flavours in a safe way! Cut some juicy fruit, or delicious vegetables in big pieces and put them in the silicone spout. Your baby can nicely taste food without the risk of choking! Is your baby teething? Put some frozen food in the spout, because it relieves the pain!

With the Oxo Tot and Elodie Details assortment you’ll be fine in terms of eating and drinking, starting with the first bites until kindergarten!

Discover the rest of the Oxo Tot assortment here. Are you looking for other Elodie Details bibs? Then click here!

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