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On holiday by car? Be Safe!

An-Katrien, mom of two adorable kids, scheduled a long road trip last summer, but first she had to look for the safest car seats. 
Her final stop? BeSafe of course! 

“Flashback to July 2018. Time to make plans for the summer? We quickly decided we would go to the South of France, but would we opt for a driving holiday? Or would we choose to go by plane? With a two-year-old who – at that time- was more Frances No than Frances Mae, we thought it would be best to opt for a click-and-(please-sleep-and)-drive trip.

That’s all well and good but without decent car seats a trip, which would take at least 12 hours, was far from ideal. I had already been struggling for a while with the car seats of my sisters because on the one hand, I thought it was an easy option – “If they thought that the car seats were decent”, and on the other because it gave me the opportunity to postpone the investment – “because don’t we all rather want to buy new outfits for our children”. As the journey got closer, I got a bad feeling about my outdated car seats. Their little backs, their necks, what if…, oh my mother’s heart.

Enter BeSafe. I already knew the brand BeSafe for a while through my work and I had read and heard a lot about it. “Safest car seat”, “award-winning” and “Scandinavian design” are key words which you will remember in your search for the best car seat. I didn’t have to think twice about which car seats to place in my car. And that’s how it happened. Changing to the new BeSafe car seats was a piece of cake. Not only did the children think that the car seats were beauuutifuuul, but also very soft, comfy and super practical. And the driving holiday to “la douce France”? Nice and smooth.

Jérôme (4.5) sits in his iZi Flex FIX i-Size, since our trip. The big advantage of the car seat is that Jérôme can sit in it himself, attach the belt himself ànd that he can attach the extra safety system on his belly. All I have to do is open the car door and check that everything is securely fastened. Win-win!

Frances Mae (2.5) sits in her iZi Modular i-Size now. Super comfy, because she immediately falls asleep, and super decent. You just feel that your child is completely protected. Her head falls nicely to the side when she falls asleep, never again forward. And when we are in the car for a long time, she automatically puts her foot into a pretzel.

So! A safe feeling is worth a lot and you obviously put the safety of your child first. It’s like that! And it’s actually true what they say: safety doesn’t happen by accident. Holiday-by-car 2019: check!

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