When do I switch my toddler's car seat?

In Belgium children under 1m35 must be transported in a car seat that is adapted to their weight or height. From around 1 year you should use a group 1 car seat. Usually, you can continue using it until your child is 4, but how do you know for sure that it's time to switch to a car seat for older children? 

If you chose a separate portable car seat (group 0) at birth, you will then move on to a group 1 car seat for toddlers. This car seat can then be used until your child is about 4 years old. It is recommended to transport your child facing backward as long as possible. At BeSafe you can choose from the following i-Size car seats for toddlers from 61cm:

When is my child ready for a bigger car seat?

Whether your child is truly ready for a high back booster seat or a car seat for older children depends on a number of conditions:

  1. Your child is at least 4 years old.
  2. Your child has reached the minimum requirement of the car seat:
    • 15 kg with an ECE R44 standard car seat
    • or 100 cm for an i-Size/UN R129 standard car seat.
  3. Your child will sit nice and calm in the high back booster seat such as the iZi Flex Fix i-Size. If they're still leaning forward too much, they are outside the protection zone of the car seat and it is too early to switch.

When should I change car seats at the latest?

Step 1: Check under which regulations the car seat falls.

  • If the car seat falls under the UN R129 i-Size standard, you need to check up to which height or weight the car seat and the ISOfix base can be used. Once the maximum weight or height is reached, it is time to switch.
  • If the car seat falls under the ECE R44-04 standard, you should change it as soon as your child has reached the maximum weight. However, your child may outgrow the car seat sooner. See step 2.

Step 2: Check the shoulder straps and the distance to the top of the car seat.

If the top of your child's ear reaches the top of the car seat, it's high time to switch. You should also check whether the shoulder straps still sit nicely on their shoulders. If they seem to slide off the shoulders, that is another indication that it's time to change car seats.

Car seat for older children

A high back booster seat or a car seat for older children is the one you will use the longest: from when your child is about 4 until they're 12. In the past, children were often put on a kind of "booster", but this does not give your child optimal protection.

With a car seat like the BeSafe iZi Flex Fix i-Size, your child will enjoy extra side protection. It is, therefore, best to use this car seat for as long as possible.

Accessories for car trips

  • Sleeping help cushion: this cushion helps your child to take a nap in the car in a better position.
  • Tablet & seat cover: protection for your car seat and entertainment in one!
  • TIMIO Audio Player: educational and interactive entertainment on the go for your children. You can also connect headphones!


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