7 Fun Gifts for Kids Under €30

Hurray, we can finally have parties and give presents again! Whether you're looking for a birthday present or are already looking for a handy gift for your grandchild's first day of school... We dived into our BABYmatters range and found lots of great gift ideas for babies and toddlers between 0 and 5 years old!

Newborn present

Every mum or dad probably has the classic white muslin cloths lying around, but it's also nice to have a few beautiful muslin blankets. They are ideal for when you're going out or visiting family. This makes them a beautiful AND a multifunctional gift for every baby.

One-year-olds: a messy affair!

Between 4 and 6 months, babies usually begin to eat fruit and vegetable purees. Many young parents underestimate just how much their little one can spill and don't have enough good-quality bibs in the house. A first birthday is the ideal opportunity to top up their stock of beautiful, high-quality bibs!

Two-year-olds: almost school-ready

From the age of 2.5, children in Belgium can go to kindergarten. A real milestone that should not go unnoticed. Their 2nd birthday is therefore the perfect time to give a useful present for school. The OXO Tot Adventure Water Bottle is a timeless drinking bottle that is suitable for small hands and comes with a leak-free screw top.

OXO Tot bib TIMIO audio player Yumi Yay book

Three-year-olds: Napkin set

Three-year-olds are already able to eat quite well on their own, but they think they are too big to wear a bib. Elodie's children's napkins makes mealtimes a lot more fun! They will make your child feel grown-up and allow them to wipe their mouth themselves from now on! These cotton napkins are also very suitable to have the child's name embroidered on them. An original, personalised and sustainable gift: check!

Four-year-olds: expand their favourite toys

The great thing about TIMIO's educational audio player and MODU's soft blocks is that you can expand them! If your child already has a TIMIO audio player, then you can be sure they'll be thrilled with one of the extra disc sets! The MODU open-ended toys have infinite possibilities to expand, allowing them to grow with your child and last for years to come!

Five-year-olds: almost ready to read

The Yumi Yay stories are fun to read aloud, but they're definitely fun as well for children to read by themselves later. Because the books are so small and light, they are also easy to take anywhere!

Elodie cutlery napkin muslin blanket

Great gifts for easter or christmas

In between birthdays there are quite a few holidays and milestones like Christmas, Easter, graduation from kindergarten... that call for a nice gift. The metal children's cutlery set by Elodie is a stylish and sustainable gift for children. No doubt the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas will be happy to deliver it on their big day! Have the cutlery engraved with the child's name, so you have a highly original and personalised gift that turns every meal into a feast!

At BABYmatters you will find a great gift for every occasion. Even for pregnant mums! And do read our blog on sustainable toys for some extra inspiration.

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