Give your pregnant friend the most surprising gift!

Forget those cute onesies or gigantic diaper cakes. You’d rather want to give your pregnant friend a belt guide as a gift. Euhm, a belt for in the car? Of course, because the normal seat belt doesn’t offer sufficient safety to an unborn child. Let’s start planning that babyshower!

It is common knowledge that you, even when you're pregnant, always have to wear your seat belt. What only a few mommies (to be) know, is that there is something called a special seat belt for pregnant women. Because when you have an accident or when you have to brake suddenly, it’s the seat belt that is strongly pressed against your uterus. And in 1 out of 6 cases, this results in an injury to the unborn baby.

You can prevent this risk by wearing a special belt guide. The solution? Our BeSafe Pregnant, because that’s a belt guide for pregnant women that lowers the lap strap of the seat belt, underneath the pregnant belly, and keeps the seat belt in place. Safely away from the vulnerable uterus.










In addition, this belt guide eliminates the risk that you would glide underneath your seat belt in an accident (That dangerous phenomenon is called ‘submarining’)

So, give your girlfriend, wife, sister or.. a BeSafe Pregnant belt guide as a present- it’s original and super safe!

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