Why is a baby nest an essential item on your birth list?

Baby nests have really gained popularity over the last few years. In almost every nursery, or every co-sleeper you will find one. But why is such a cosy nest for you baby an actual must have baby essential?

First of all, the compact nest ensures that your newborn feels safe and secure. Thanks to the oval shape with raised edges, your newborn baby feels like being in the womb again, which surrounded him for the first 9 months of its life. It will make him or her feel relaxed, and hopefully he/her will take a lot of naps in it!

A baby nest is also a very practical item when you think about what you want to put on your birth list, or as a present at your baby shower. Because it is actually the perfect sleeping place during the first months of your baby’s life. It’s additionally light and portable, and you can take the favorite spot of your baby everywhere with you. Because of the beautiful travel bag which you receive with the baby nest of Voksi, you can easily and quickly take it with you. No more travel cots to drag around with you, as you have a safe baby nest which will turn into the ideal playground and place to sleep during the first months of your baby’s life.

But what about the safety of such a baby nest?

If we can give you some advice choosing that cozy spot for your baby, then we really recommend you to look at the different parts of such a baby nest. Are there cords which could cause injuries to your baby? Are the edges thick, with a fold near the mattress? Is the material not Oekotex certified? Then you should look further. Because all those elements are safety risks which you’d rather not take with your baby.

The baby nest, of the Scandinavian brand Voksi, is however an excellent choice, because it’s considered to be one of the safest nests on the market.

  1. No loose straps or cords which could cause injury to your baby
  2. The lining at the inside of the edges is short stitched to always insure air flow
  3. All the materials, even the closure systems and the details are Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1 approved.

Consequently, we can surely say that you can let your baby sleep in a Voksi baby nest with confidence and under supervision!

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