Elodie changing bag: super useful for when your baby needs changing and later on! changing bag is a must-have to carry all the things your baby needs. A good nursery bag can be attached to your pushchair and will have several compartments so you can easily find everything. But Elodie changing bags are even better than that! Once you’ve stopped using them as a changing bag, you can still use them as a handbag, weekend bag, sports bag, and more. Take a look here and see which Elodie changing bag is the best for your family.

Tote changing bag

How great is this? You’ll no longer have to choose between taking a practical changing bag and a beautiful, roomy handbag because these Tote changing bags do it all!

These changing bags have a timeless look and come in various neutral colours as well as a subtle print. The four different models go perfectly with any (MONDO) buggy or pram, but also look great as an overnight bag or shopping bag.

Inside you'll find a handy removable pouch where you can keep small items such as wet wipes, nappy cream, nappies, etc. This way, all you need to do is grab this little bag when you end up doing a nappy change on the go. With this Tote, you’ll always look stylish and on trend.

Elodie changing bag

Draped tote changing bag

You’d never guess that this stylish Draped Tote is actually a changing bag! This luxurious nursery bag has plenty of space and convenient separate compartments for all your baby's stuff.

The Draped Tote changing bags are made from high quality vegan leather and are super comfy to carry. Whether you're out and about with or without your baby, this bag will ensure you always look good!

Signature Edition changing bag

If you’re looking for a unisex changing bag that’s chic and elegant, this Signature Edition by Elodie will be right up your street! This changing bag includes handy compartments that are bound to meet all your needs. It means the bag can also be used as a laptop bag or weekend bag

This Signature Edition changing bag by Elodie will also appeal to dads with its sleek and neutral look!

Soft Shell changing bag

Do lightweight, practical and trendy baby bags actually exist? Yes! Just take a look at this Soft Shell changing bag from Elodie. This bag is ideal for parents who put usability and comfort first. Thanks to the different compartments inside, you’ll never lose any of your baby's things again and there’s plenty of space for your phone, wallet, tissues and much more.

The thermal pocket inside will also keep your baby's bottle upright. The bag comes in different colours and prints and is perfect to use as sports bag, shopping bag and more!

elodie changing mat

Chestnut Leather changing bag

This leather changing bag also doubles up as an exclusive handbag to take to work, dinner or the playground. With its chic and timeless look, you’re sure to want to give this changing bag a second lease of life once it’s no longer needed for your baby... it makes the perfect handbag, work bag, weekend bag and more.

portable changing mat

The Elodie changing mat is super handy for changing your baby's nappy when out and about! The carry strap makes it easy to take the mat with you wherever you go. The separate compartments are just big enough to hold a nappy and wet wipes, so you’ll everything to hand for a nappy change.

Carrying your baby with one arm? No problem! You can easily fold and unfold the mat with just one hand. On the inside of the mat there are two removable terry cloths with a waterproof layer, making it easy to wash them separately in the washing machine!

Every changing bag from Elodie is made to last for years, even when your children have outgrown their nappies. This makes them not only multifunctional, but also a sustainable choice!

Would you like a handy and beautiful nursery bag that you will enjoy for years? Discover all Elodie changing bags and changing mats now!

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