Educational TIMIO audio player that grows with your child

Are you looking for a fun and durable gift that children can enjoy for years? A TIMIO audio and music player is suitable for children aged between 2 and 6 years old, but it can also be used before that age if mum or dad helps out! Find out why TIMIO is the perfect children's gift for a birthday, Sinterklaas or Christmas.

Educational toys

Children often have a short attention span, so it's a good idea to be able to offer different types of toys. Open-ended toys, educational toys, wooden toys, interactive toys and also screen time are all likely to be part of the mix,  and with such a diverse collection of toys, you’re sure to keep kids captivated and learning the most they can.

Think about open-ended toys. They’re ideal for stimulating creativity,  while educational toys contribute to your child’s cognitive development. TIMIO not only provides screen-free entertainment, but the audio player increases vocabulary and promotes the development of language skills. Sounds good, right?

Take a look below and find out why TIMIO's audio and music player is such a great choice for kids up to 6 years!

TIMIO lullabies

From birth (to be used under supervision)

TIMIO audio player comes with a starter pack of 5 magnetic discs. One of them is a disc of lullabies. This is the perfect choice to play on the bedside table while your baby goes to sleep. The disc not only contains gentle lullabies, but also white noise and other sounds such as rain and the noise of the sea.

Tip: Do you want to play through the entire disc? If so, just press and hold 1 icon for 5 seconds, and the whole disc will play automatically.

From 1 to 2 years: learning words

From the age of one, the sounds your baby makes become words. Young children are very susceptible to learning language and are sometimes referred to as 'a sponge' for good reason. They absorb words and different languages very easily.

TIMIO is super accessible and easy to use. Your toddler might even learn their first words using it! All your child has to do is point to an icon or image and TIMIO will tell them what they see. This means that the images are immediately converted into words and your child learns to make the connection between the two.

Tip: Are you bringing your child up to be multilingual? With TIMIO, you can choose from eight different languages: Chinese (Mandarin), German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish! This makes it the ideal choice when your child is being raised bilingual or multilingual.

2, 3 and 4 years: audio stories

Pre-schoolers are always super interested to listen to a story being told. Perhaps your child wants to read a story together, but you're just getting ready to cook? TIMIO to the rescue! There are 4 discs full of great stories, 3 of which are fairy tales. This way your child gets to listen to a nice story whenever and wherever they want!

Tip: are you planning to take TIMIO out with you when you travel by car or plane? Just connect your (TIMIO) headphones and your child can continue listening without everybody else having to!

Children's gift TIMIO

5 and 6 years: challenge time!

Planning a holiday to France, Spain or Italy? With TIMIO, your children can learn a few words in preparation!

In disk set 1, you’ll find a disk about body parts. This is the opportunity to play a really fun active game with your toddler. Ideal for keeping your child warm on cold days! 😉

Each body part has a movement associated with it. Put TIMIO in loop mode or take turns pointing to a body part and doing the movement that fits that body part:

  • Leg: jump on one leg.
  • Arm: swing your arms.
  • Eye: blink your eyes.
  • Tongue: stick out your tongue.
  • Nose: touch your nose.
  • Head: nod your head!
  • Hand: wave to everyone.
  • Ear: listen carefully to the sounds around you.
  • Tooth: pretend to brush your teeth.
  • Finger: wiggle your fingers.
  • Mouth: blow 10 kisses.

TIP: Looking for more play inspiration? Just keep an eye on our social media channels. We regularly share fun play tips with TIMIO!

The TIMIO audio player is an accessible and educational toy that is a great choice for every young family. Whether your children like to be active or sit and play quietly, TIMIO will keep them happy interacting for hours... and all without a screen! At home and on the go.

Ready to play with TIMIO? The starter pack can be found here. Do you already have a TIMIO and would you like to add to your package? Then why not take a look at the expansion sets? 

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