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Mommy Jamey wraps her daughter up warm in Elodie Details!

Jamey, a blogger on Dutch blog Beauty.Unboxing, and her little daughter Noé delight in going for lovely warm walks. Jamey sought an ideal partner in crime and opted for… Elodie Details! 

Brrr, it’s cold outside! But going outside to blow the cobwebs away always feels wonderful. And it is also very good for your baby’s health, of course. But, on the other hand, your baby shouldn’t get cold. So here are some tips on how to keep your baby nice and warm in cold weather.

1. Lots of layers

Just like in the case of adults, the easiest way for your baby to stay warm is for him or her to wear lots of layers. If we wear something made of wool it’s best to wear it as close to our skin as possible. Cotton doesn’t breathe so well so your baby may start sweating, which isn’t good in the cold outdoor air, of course.

2. Make sure that all the “protruding” limbs are warm
And don’t forget the hands, feet and head. These get cold fastest.
A nice warm hat and sock or shoes are a real must.

3. A definite must-have for all parents, the footmuff! 

A deliciously cosy sleeping bag that fits perfectly in your group 0 car seat or the carrycot of your pushchair. You can, of course, also opt for a blanket but the advantage of a footmuff is that a lively baby can’t kick it off. They often also have a wonderfully soft lining and are made from fabric that breathes. Heavenly!

Going for a lovely walk outside, even in the winter, is highly recommended. But keep a close eye on your baby, because if he or she gets too hot, you may have overdone it a bit! Being nice and warm is a good thing but being too hot is not. Enjoy your walk!

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