Muslin Magic!

What goes on in the mind of a parent to be? Emotionally, nothing can completely prepare you for becoming a parent. Every person’s situation and experience is unique. But gear wise you can and should prepare... dead give-away: you will need muslin cloths. A lot of them.

Strollers, car seats, playpens, swings, bouncy chairs, play mats, sleep hammocks, teething rings, bibs, burp cloths...babies seemingly need a ton of accoutrements. But what are the key things to consider even before the baby is born? We asked a few mommy’s and this is their professional opinion:

“I bought so many dummies and bottles ahead of time, and then it turned out my daughter didn’t take to any of them”, Amanda tells, adding that they are in fact being used now, but by her daughter’s dolls. 
Anja agreed saying that she “bought both a dummy and a dummy clip for my daughter Lily. It turned out the rubber ring of the clip was a lot more interesting to chew on than the actual dummy”. Pacifiers seemed to be a lot less significant than imagined before birth. “At least don’t buy a lot of the same. Get one and see if your child is interested or not. If they don’t, then buy and try another model”, Emily concluded to the agreement of everyone. Soothers, dummies and pacifiers can be great, but it is far from certain your kid will take them. 

On the other end of the spectrum we found blankets
“I had no idea the amount of muslins we’d need once the baby had come”, Amanda says. “Now we seem to be using one everywhere and all the time”. Anja was quick to agree saying that thin muslins in particular was very useful. “We went on a trip to Thailand when Lily was little and use thin blankets both as towels and sun protection. A muslin cloth is now my definite go-to present for new parents” 

The popularity of a good muslin blanket is logical: they are multifunctional. Whether you use them as a towel or a blanket, as a breastfeeding-help or as a cuddly blankie, a muslin cloth will always come in handy.

Top 3 of situations in which a muslin blanket is your lifesaver:


You, the baby, the couch, your clothes and your hair is covered in milk. A spilled bottle, a breastfeeding latch-gone-wrong, a vomiting child, an enthusiastic big brother…. It’s not a question of how it will happen, just a question of when. And when it does, a muslin will be your savior.  Super absorbent and quickly dry after.


A long car-drive, and you have every desire the baby will sleep through the complete ride. On those moments, a muslin cloth can prevent the sun from annoying your baby. Simply hang a muslin in front of the car-window, and your baby will be shielded from hot rays of sunshine. Will your baby sleep the whole time? No guarantees there. But one can always try, right?   


Have you ever tried to make a newborn child dry after bathtime? Let me tell you this: babies have a MILLION skinfolds. They are wrinkly and squirmy and you will never manage to get them completely dry with a normal towel. Towels are good for smooth surfaces, but a newborn baby has more skinfolds than a well-aged Sharpei. So a muslin cloth will be your best friend, as its light and thin, and will help you dry those wrinkled babybottoms in a jiffy!

So a good muslin cloth is exactly what you need. And by ‘a cloth’, we mean 20 of them. Seriously. Get 20, and thank us later. 😉

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