Timio: interactive entertainment without screen time!

Have you heard of TIMIO? This brand-new, educational audio player is the ideal toy for your home and your children, for the following three reasons!

Interactive and electronic play, without a screen

Many children love screen time – a lot of screen time – and we understand why. Screens can be entertaining because they offer images and sounds. But as a mom or dad we want to reduce screen time.

TIMIO is different! It challenges and entertains children with images and sounds, but there is not a screen in sight. Simply place a magnetic TIMIO disc on the TIMIO player, and your child can play and learn without sitting in front of a screen. TIMIO also does not require an Internet connection or complicated set-up, and is a safe toy, which does not require parental supervision.

TIMIO is educational

There are 20 different magnetic discs for the TIMIO player. These contain more than 2500 ‘files’ to play with, with more than 14 hours of educational entertainment.

Does your child want to play a game? They can! Or maybe listen or dance to a song? Of maybe your child is working on a specific theme at school, life on the farm for instance, and you want to enhance their vocabulary at home? You can with TIMIO! 

TIMIO is durable

TIMIO was designed for children between the ages of 2 and 6, but it can be used beyond that too. Did you know you can set TIMIO to one of 8 different languages? This means that once your child has gone through all the games and songs, they might start learning new words in Spanish! Or sing songs in French! TIMIO offers endless possibilities.

Want to know more about TIMIO? Click here!

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