The newborn must-haves: sleeping

A baby doesn’t need much, however, you may be totally overwhelmed by the vast range of products available for your birthing list or layette. What do you really need? During the first few weeks, your newborn won’t do much more than sleep. The following products provide comfort and tenderness for your baby, while also allowing you as a parent to relax and enjoy a bit of rest.

A night light is more than just a comforting light in the dark. You can also use it to create some cozy and subtle lighting in a hospital room and during nightly feeds. This way, you don’t have to get up and turn on the upper lights. The Yumi Yay night lights are not only used for comfort, but are also recognizable shapes and serve as great toys!

The first few months your baby sleeps a lot and with a baby nest from Voksi you can easily put your little one to sleep during the day. A nest creates a snug environment in the park or on the couch and gives your baby a sense of security like in the womb.   

A hydrophilic cloth or blanket is a very multifunctional item. It not only keeps your little one warm, but can also offer comfort as a ‘cuddly toy’. Breastfeeding moms can use it for some privacy while feeding. Additionally, this cloth can be used as a towel, playmat or a wipe to clean your baby’s cute little face with.

Your baby has a strong natural sucking reflex. A pacifier or dummy can help satisfy this reflex. There are various types and models on the market, so it might be hard to find the perfect one. Learn all about the different kinds of pacifiers on our blog!

You might not expect it right away, but you can already use the TIMIO player from birth! While still in your belly, your little one would hear various sounds all the time, so using sounds now is often very calming. Every TIMIO player includes a disc with lullabies that you can play in the background. These lullabies range from children’s songs to nature sounds (such as the rain, the sea etc.). Once your child is a little bit older, you can start using the TIMIO during the day. Durable toys that are multifunctional and grow along with your child, perfect right?

It may take a while before you know what comforts your baby. Do the abovementioned options not work? Keep trying, as your child might find comfort in something like the Blinkie toy, a cuddly toy or a walk around with an ergonomic baby carrier.

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