Toy tips for babies from 0 up to 1 year old

Do you know someone close to you who is due to give birth soon? Looking for a nice gift for an (almost) 1-year-old, Easter or another special occasion? Or maybe you want to spoil your grandchild with something nice again! Whatever you are looking for, these fun toys are perfect for a baby of up to 1.

Baby toys 0-6 months

  • Soft toys

In the first months, a baby cannot do much more than look and grasp. A nice, soft snuggle or blinkie is a nice gift. Enough cuddly toys already? Then a musical toy is a nice alternative. It not only attracts the baby’s attention, but also brings comfort in difficult moments.

toy tips 0 to 1 year snuggle babygym
  • Play mat + play arch

A baby spends most of its first months on its back. So it is important to look for a soft play mat. Elodie’s play mats are not only soft, but also fit nicely into your interior! A baby gym, play arch or suspended toys are the perfect addition to entertain your baby.

Baby toys 6-12 months

  • Support motor skills with MODU

Can the baby already sit or does it already have a firm neck? In that case, the soft blocks by MODU are the ideal gift. These opening toys stimulate the motor skills and support the baby’s development. With MODU, children use their entire body to move and their creativity is stimulated. The big advantage? Because MODU grows along with children, they experience it for years!

toy tips 0 to 1 year MODU Yumi Yay
  • Cheerful night light

Babies are very attracted to colours and animals. The Yumi Yay night lights are perfect for this and have a childproof design thanks to the soft silicone cover, the fine format and the sweet animal figures. The four bedtime stories are the perfect addition and ideal for starting up a bed ritual.

  • Stimulating language development with TIMIO

The younger the children, the more language sensitive they are. With TIMIO, babies can listen to a variety of stories and songs in up to eight different languages. Once they are bigger, they can start using the audio player themselves and expand their vocabulary.

Toy tips 0 to 1 year TIMIO toy bin OXO
  • Bath toys

Once a child can sit safely in the bath, he will also show more interest in his bath toys. Opt for bath toys that are either easy to clean or that have no holes in them to avoid mould. OXO Tot’s toy bin ensures that bath toys can dry well thanks to the large air holes. Moreover, the basket has a comfortable handle and you can attach it to the wall without drilling. 

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