Potty training: how do I potty train my child?

As a parent who has changed numerous nappies, you're counting down to the moment your child can go to the toilet on their own. Teaching your child to do that is a big undertaking and it often takes time and patience. Here are a few tips to make potty training run smoothly.

When does potty training start and end?

Let's delve into the 'wee-wee and poo-poo' world of your little one. Babies wee without knowing, it's a reflex once their bladder is even partially filled. Bowel movements happen spontaneously as well. Toddlers will become more aware of what is happening and will start to feel when their bladder is full. Between the ages of 2 and 3, children also begin to gain control. That's the start of potty training. From then on they do their business in the potty or the toilet. Dry nights are the final stage.

When is a child potty trained? Your child is potty trained when it understands that wee and poo belong in the potty, when they feel the need to go to the toilet and can hold it, and when they want to cooperate. Some children are already potty trained at the age of 2, while others need a little more time and accomplish this when they are 5 years or older. Every child becomes potty trained at their own pace. As a parent it is important to support your child and give them time.

potty training OXO Tot kid


The subject of the day, week, month

Your baby is used to doing their business just about anywhere because of the nappy. That's why the first step of potty training is to make your child aware that they have to go wee-wee or poo-poo and that this should happen on the potty or toilet.

Make it a topic of conversation, give your toddler a fun book about it, and take them with you when you go to the toilet yourself. Involve your child as much as possible. This way, you'll pique your child's interest. The most important thing is to create a positive atmosphere around potty training, a fun activity that you and your child do together.

Positive reinforcement and influence

You always learn better when you receive positive affirmation. This means that you get a compliment or reward when you have done something good. You could work out a reward system with stickers for your child, for instance. After each successful potty visit, you put a sticker on the card together. A perfect moment to compliment your little one.

Peer influence can also help with potty training. Toddlers enjoy following and imitating others. Does your child have a sibling who already goes to the toilet on their own? Chances are that potty training will go faster than with their older brother or sister. But what if your child doesn't have an older sibling? Tell your toddler that their friends go on the potty too. This peer influence is just as effective.

potty training OXO Tot kid


Same rules everywhere

Are you going on a trip with your family? Or is your child staying with their grandparents? It is important to be consistent with the rules you've established around "going on the potty" during potty training. Do you work with a schedule, a sticker system, etc.? Let other childminders know. When you go out with your child, it's best to take some 'on the go' potty training items with you, so the training can continue.

What do you need?

Both at home and out and about, we recommend being well prepared and having enough handy items around to successfully complete the potty training.

  • One or more potties at home
    We recommend getting at least two potties so your child can reach it easily at all times. Especially if your house has several floors. Be sure to get a potty with a removable smaller potty so you can empty the potty quickly, tidily and easily. A potty that goes from potty to toilet seat to step stool? That's the 3-in-1 potty from! OXO Tot also has a handy potty with a non-slip base.
potty training child dot baby OXO Tot
  • 'On the go' potty
    For a trip we recommend bringing an 'on the go' potty. The 2-in-1 potty by OXO Tot is perfect for this. You can put it on the floor by folding out the legs, but it can also be used as a potty seat for on the toilet.
potty training child OXO Tot on the go
  • Step stool
    A regular toilet often seems very high to a toddler. So a step stool will definitely come in handy!
potty training child step stool OXO Tot dot baby


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