A trip with your child(ren) with minimal fuss? Thanks to these 2 essentials you can!

Going for a walk with the kids? If your child or one of your children can't walk yet or gets tired quickly, a buggy or baby carrier will come in very handy. This way you can go out for longer than how far your child can walk.

To explore the outside world in a handy and minimalist way, you actually need only two items: a compact buggy and a good, ergonomic baby carrier.

Elodie's compact Mondo

The Mondo by Elodie is a compact buggy that you can single-handedly fold in a matter of seconds. In addition, it weighs just 6.8 kg and is suitable to take on the plane as hand luggage. So you can easily transport it either in the boot of your car or on public transport.

Thanks to the adapters that you can attach to the frame, you can also click your baby's group 0 car seat onto the Mondo. The backrest can lie completely flat, so by adding a warm footmuff, you can create a little nest for your baby to lie in. With the flat backrest and the extendable hood, the Mondo is also perfect for naps on the go!

The Mondo has various accessories such as a rain cover, a seat cushion, a cup holder, and a travel bag. The colours and the design of these buggies give it a trendy look.  Whichever design you choose, with the Mondo you'll be ferrying around your child in style. Discover all the colours and prints here.

Elodie Mondo stroller buggy compact trip


The ergonomic and easy Haven from BeSafe

A second way to get around with your baby or child is in a baby carrier. A baby carrier has several advantages:

  • You can go off-road and on paths that are impossible to navigate with a buggy.
  • Skin-to-skin contact creates a close bond with your baby. Your baby is soothed by your heartbeat.
  • Your hands are free to do other things, like engaging with your other children, looking up the route on a map while you're walking etc.

But what exactly makes a good baby carrier? A good sling has the following features:

  1. Comfortable and safe: Your child can sit safely and ergonomically in the baby carrier, and you don't experience any discomfort while walking.
  2. Easy: you can set up the baby carrier with ease and get it on and off with minimal fuss.
  3. Durable: the baby carrier has a long life and shows little wear. The fabric is soft.

BeSafe designed the Haven baby carrier together with the German 'Trageschule', who are experts when it comes to carrying children. The sling can be used from birth to 3 years. You can wear it in 3 ergonomic positions: on your belly with baby facing inward, on your belly facing outward, and on your back. The best position depends on your child's age.

The Haven also has a Flex-Shape Buckle, which ensures that the straps automatically adjust to your body shape. The Flex-Shape Buckle's press-and-slide system also makes the baby carrier extra safe. Do you want to carry your child on warm days? In that case, we recommend the baby carrier in the breathable 3D Peak Mesh fabric.

BeSafe Haven baby carrier sling trip


Teaming up a carrier and a buggy? Genius!

The combination of the Mondo buggy and the Haven baby carrier is just as appealing! While you're waiting for the train, you can put your child safely and comfortably in your baby carrier. Then fold the buggy with one hand, and hop on the train! Going out with more than one child? With the little one in the carrier, you have your hands free to push another child around in the buggy.

Or maybe you want to go into a busy coffee shop? Put your child in the carrier, so you have your hands free to take in your folded Mondo and enjoy a cup of coffee. Hooray!

Looking for more handy essentials for your next trip with the kids? We list a few of them in this blog post!


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