Protect your family from Covid with bombol blast uv

UV-C light neutralises bacteria, fungi and viruses. UV-C rays are therefore an effective way of disinfecting all kinds of (baby) items. The Bombol Blast UV sterilises small items up to the size of a baby bottle in as little as 5 minutes. We’ve also put together a handy list of baby items that it’s a good idea to disinfect regularly.

Stay healthy through the winter with Blast UV from Bombol

With Covid-19 and other viruses continuing to impact us, we are all increasingly aware of what we touch and the need to wash our hands regularly to prevent disease. The Blast UV from Bombol is a convenient steriliser for use at home and on the move.

This steriliser box allows you to easily, quickly and safely disinfect all kinds of items. It means you can keep the germs out and give your family some extra protection, even during the winter!

Why use a steriliser box?

UV-C rays are an effective way to make sure your items are bacteria- and virus-free. In fact, these rays can cause the DNA of a cell to be destroyed, thereby preventing it from reproducing. If a cell cannot divide, it dies and is therefore harmless.

Take note: if the surface of the item you’re sterilising is visibly dirty, make sure you clean it first with a damp cloth. This way, no residual dirt will be left behind.

Here’s a handy list of items you should sterilise regularly:

Children's items:

  • Chains for dummies etc.
  • Toys: such as teething toys, bath toys, etc.
  • Dummies
  • Baby bottle or food bottles
  • Drinking spout or straw

For parents:

  • (car) keys
  • Glasses
  • Smartphone or phone
  • Pen, pencil (a good choice for schools, for example)
  • Notes and coins
  • Jewellery

For professionals:

  • Scissors (a good choice for hairdressers, etc.)
  • Pedicure and manicure instruments
  • Bank cards, key cards (hotels)

Benefits of the Bombol sterilisation box:

  • You'll save a whole lot of time, because the Bombol steriliser box takes only 5 minutes to make your items free of microorganisms.
  • No water or liquid is involved. This means your items stay dry and you don't have to boil any water. This is why it’s such a must-have and versatile items, while also being suitable for those items that shouldn’t get wet.
  • The UV-C rays kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.
  • Compact size: convenient for home and on the go!
  • Works with a USB cable and power from a mains outlet, laptop, power bank, and more...

Increase the chances that your family gets through the winter feeling healthy and order the Bombol Blast UV sterilizer here! 😊

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