Why the Bombol bouncer is the best for your baby

Are you still looking for a handy baby bouncer with a beautiful design and which is made of antibacterial yarn? With the Bombol Bouncer you get much more than just a nice bouncer for your baby.

The Bombol bouncer:

...can be used up to +/- 5 years.

Most bouncers can carry a child's weight up to 9 kg. The Bombol Bouncer grows with your child so you can use it as a bouncer for toddlers even after the baby period. It’s ideal for reading a book, watching TV, playing with the TIMIO audio player... super sturdy, but bounces gently.

The frame of the Bombol Bouncer is made of solid aerospace aluminium that can carry up to 100 kg. This material gently rocks your child and is sturdy enough to last for years. very compact when it comes to storage and transport.

The frame is made up of two parts so it can be easily and quickly dismantled for storage. This way you can take it with you when visiting family, planning a weekend or travelling!

...provides optimal airflow thanks to the 3D sewing technology.

The 3D sewing technique makes the material very sturdy, yet flexible. The fabric adapts to your child and supports him wherever it is needed.

The seams are carefully concealed, making it extra comfortable for your child. It is as if your child is sitting in an ergonomic hammock. Moreover, the 3D material also ensures good air and moisture regulation made of durable, antibacterial copper yarn.

The copper in this material destroys the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses. This prevents these cells from reproducing and eliminates bad cells. This ensures that bad smells are neutralised in a natural way and makes the material extra durable and strong.

Did you know that... copper or silver yarn is often used for e.g. mouth masks and socks? like an ergonomic hammock.

Some bouncers consist of a single, non-stretch fabric, which can cause newborns to collapse or roll around. The Bombol Bouncer uses two different fabrics: a supple, taut fabric in the middle and a firmer, rigid fabric in places where extra support is needed.

...has a flexible backrest.

Whereas most bouncers maintain a fixed 90 degree angle, the Dynamic Backrest™ of the Bombol Bouncer adapts to the sitting position of your child. The flexible sitting angle reduces the pressure on your child's chest and abdominal muscles. This helps the breathing and the relaxation of the muscles.

If your child falls asleep, you can gently lower the backrest without waking them up. ideal for day-care centres and nurseries.

Thanks to its solid design and the extensive safety standards, the Bombol Bouncer is perfect for intensive use in day-care, nurseries...

The Bombol Bouncer is available in two timeless colours. Discover your favourite now!

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