What do I need for an autumn baby?

Are you expecting a baby in autumn? Then it's high time to wrap up your baby registry or newborn essentials list and gather all the necessary items. We have rounded up five products that are must-haves for your autumn baby!

Autumn is a beautiful and colourful season, but sometimes it's hard to know how to dress your baby or what exactly you need. We are happy to help you out.

Baby blankets

The temperature in autumn is often unpredictable, so it's best to have plenty of blankets in the house! They're perfect for coping with sudden cold spells. There are different kinds of blankets. The most popular ones are muslin cloths. You can use them in a variety of situations. Muslin blankets and soft cotton blankets are invaluable as well. They take up little space and keep your little one warm.

During autumn and towards the end of the year it gets colder and colder. Here are some blankets that are perfect for both autumn and winter:

The knitted wool blanket: the animal-friendly, soft and cosy knitted blankets by Elodie help keep your little one warm on cold days. The mix of cotton and wool makes them warm and breathable at the same time.

Pearl Velvet blanket: these gorgeous, luxurious Pearl Velvet blankets are as soft as velvet and as warm as fleece. In addition, they are also moisture absorbent. Wonderfully soft and warm for your little one!

what do I need for an autumn baby? Pearl velvet wool blanket Elodie


Stroller with footmuff

Autumn walks are glorious! From the age of 1 month you can take your baby with you in a buggy. Are you looking for a buggy that is light, folds and unfolds easily and is travel-sized? Then the Mondo by Elodie will be right up your street. This stroller is available in different colours and prints, and has some fun and useful accessories.

Because autumn weather can be quite changeable, it's best to combine the buggy with a warm footmuff. Both the Voksi Explorer footmuff and the Elodie footmuff are perfect for this particular season.

  • Explorer footmuff (Voksi): this footmuff combines wool and down for real top quality. The use of natural materials is what the Scandinavian brand Voksi stands for. The combination of wool and down creates an airy, yet cosy warmth. The back is made of pure wool, which ensures perfect heat and moisture dispersal, while the outer fabric provides protection against wind and rain. A fantastic footmuff for autumn and winter!
  • Footmuff (Elodie): Elodie's footmuffs are famed for their prints and colours. Perfect for personalising your stroller. They are wind and waterproof, and have a detachable faux fur hood trim.
What do I need for an autumn baby? Mondo compact stroller footmuff Elodie Voksi


Baby hat and mittens

A newborn baby loses a lot of warmth from the head. So a cute, warm baby hat is definitely not a luxury item! Elodie's baby hats have ultimate softness and warmth. You can also buy matching mittens for your baby. Elodie's baby mittens are made from the same fabric as the hats, so they are just as soft and warm. They're all also suitable from birth and are made out of cotton, wool, cashmere or a mix of these.

With a baby hat and mittens, your little one definitely won't have cold hands or a cold head.

what do I need for an autumn baby? baby hat mittens Elodie


Comfortable baby carrier

A great alternative for lovely autumn buggy trips is carrying your baby in a sling! The comfortable Haven baby carrier by BeSafe can be used from 1 month to 3 years. Having that skin-to-skin contact creates a close bond with your baby. Your heartbeat soothes them. Carrying is also helpful when you have a crying baby. In addition, your hands are free for other things and you can easily go walking off-road.

BeSafe developed the Haven baby carrier together with the German 'Trageschule', who are experts when it comes to carrying babies. You can carry them in 3 ergonomic positions: on your chest with baby facing inwards, on your chest facing outwards, and on your back. Which position is most suitable depends on your child's age.

On top of that, the Haven has a Flex-Shape Buckle, which enables the shoulder straps to automatically adjust to the parent's body shape. The Flex-Shape Buckle's press-and-slide system also makes the baby carrier extra safe.

Is it a bit chilly outside? Then you can carry your baby wrapped up in a warm overall suit

What do I need for an autumn baby? baby carrier Haven BeSafe


diaper bag

When you have a baby or young children, you haul around a lot of stuff as a parent. So a handy storage system on the go is exactly what you need! Elodie's diaper bags are very handy thanks to the integrated changing mat and inner pockets for nappies, wipes, bottles and much more. They also look very stylish! So after they've served their purpose, you can also use them yourself as a handbag or sports bag.

What do I need for an autumn baby? Diaper bag Elodie

These five tips for your autumn baby are great baby products to put on a birth registry, give as a present, or to purchase yourself.


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