Extendible footmuffs from up north!

Our Voksi footmuffs are unique for their combination of wool and down. The bottom layer has a wool filling, the top layer consists of 100% down. and this is not a coincidence! Because wool has the unique ability to keep its original shape, even when you put some weight on it. Your baby will always stay cosy and warm because of the wool on the bottom part and the down top layer. Both of these materials also have the ability to drain excessive warmth and humidity. 

On top of that you can extend our Voksi footmuffs! You simply have to zip on the extension piece and you're good to go fo another couple of years. You can use our footmuffs from birth up untill 4 to 6 years! 



The Voksi Story

Why wool and down is the perfect combination! 

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Why is a baby nest an essential item on your birth list?

Baby nests have really gained popularity over the last few years. In almost every nursery, or every co-sleeper you will find one. But why is such a cosy nest for you baby an actual must have baby essential?

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Baby Nest – one of the cosiest places outside of your arms !

In the womb, you gently comforted your baby with care and closeness; they were lulled and reassured by the feelings of familiarity and security. At Voksi, we have tried our hardest to imitate this safe and nestled space with the Baby Nest.

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Voksi Baby Wrap: the perfect wrap for your baby and you!

The Voksi Baby Wrap keeps your child comfortable and protected in their baby car seat. And smart openings in the back make it easy to adjust based on your infant carrier or stroller carrycot. Truly the perfect Baby Wrap!

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